About Us


Fluffy Chic' Fashion


The dream began in 2014 as I was shopping at a very popular retail store. This store was a huge two stories filled with every piece of clothing and accessories that any woman could want, but the plus size section was in a far back, almost dark and unattended corner upstairs. I felt so ripped off and ashamed for even needing to wear those sizes.


Be Proud of Your Curves


The first thing that popped in my head was a line from the famous movie Dirty Dancing, “NO ONE PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!” I am proud of my curves and certainly didn’t enjoy being boxed into a few style choices. After that experience, I began researching on what I could personally do to fix it to where NO OTHER CURVY GIRL would feel less than while doing something as fun as shopping.


My Vision


My research led me to several suppliers. These suppliers often get their products overseas and then companies/retailers buy these products in bulk to sell them at outrageous mark-ups….sometimes up to ten times more. Most companies break up 2 piece sets and sell them as separates, but when purchased in bulk they always come as 1 unit sales.

"Learning this grieved me and I just wanted to do something! So, in our stores, we never separate 2 piece sets and we always make our looks $50 bucks or lower as a guarantee." 

I will not be shamed for being plus size and I will not be limited in my choices or style and neither should you!!!